Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Review

Are you in the quest to get yourself a high-speed badminton racket?

Then the Yonex Nanoray Z Speed would be an ideal pick for you. It is safe to say that this model is the fastest of its kind, with a record-breaking smash speed of 493 kilometers per hour! Exceeding the record previously set by the Arcsaber Z Slash.

If you think that defense is your area of expertise, and you like to throw smashes as strong as an ox, then this is exactly what you need.

Not convinced yet?

Continue reading through the rest of the review to know more about the model.

Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Review

First off, the Yonex Nanoray series has been around for quite some time now and has been continuously delivering light-headed rackets. Z speed too is light-headed in terms of balance, adding up to its faster reaction time. In terms of features, you can liken it to Yonex Nanospeed 9900.

Nevertheless, this racket falls into the weight category of 3U, being 88 grams. The moderate weight facilitates better control, stability, quick-serve and easier reworking of strokes too. The model’s grip size is G4.

With regard to flex, it is considerably stiff thus making it suitable for advanced players rather than those of beginner level.

Each detail of the Nanoray’s Z Speed has been notably formulated with cutting edge technology to enhance the swing speed- its characteristic feature! Starting from its manufacture to the choice of materials used, for instance nanometric, X-fullerene, sonic metal.

Although, of top-notch quality, it comes with a couple of drawbacks, first and foremost being its price. Nanoray Z Speed is a bit on the expensive side, but then again, most great things are!

Granted that the smashes are swift; however, they could be more powerful, this reduced strength is mainly due to the head-light balance.

Apart from its very obvious good looks and exclusive design, Nanoray Z Speed comes with some unique and never-seen-before features.

  • Horizontal A-Concept

It has been constructed with a newly introduced grommet pattern known as the Horizontal A-concept. This pattern has enabled the creation of the smallest frame in the history of Yonex products. Moreover, it creates a larger sweet spot, which means the probability of successful shots just soared higher!

  • Snap Back Zone (SBZ)

The snap back zone makes the racket thinner in the mid-way point from both sides. At this region, EX-HMG has been used which is known to be one of the most elastic and sturdy material ever!

This allows the racket to bend when in contact with the shuttle and drive away from the shuttle with high acceleration and power.

  • Sonic Metal

The Sonic metal in the frame will generate a satisfying sound when the shuttlecock is hit, which is sure to lift up your athletic spirits.

  • Ultra Slim Shaft

Just like the Yonex Duora 10, this one also has a thin shaft, which helps to double the rebounding capability as opposed to the traditional rackets.

  • Isometric Design

Like all other Yonex products, this unusual shape serves an evolutionary breakthrough. This is known to enlarge the sweet spot of the racket in contrast to that in the conventional round-headed rackets.

This liberates you from the stress of getting a precise shot every time!

The amalgamation of all the material and technologies mentioned above help to raise the swing speed by 10% and make it one of the most aerodynamic rackets ever.

  • Nanoscience Technology

The incorporation of the nanoscience technology only adds to its list of virtues. This includes the combination of fullerenes with carbon nanoparticles.

Sounds like Rocket Science? Well, in other words, this plays a part in the making of the ultra-thin shaft.

The cross-links between the X-fullerenes and carbon fiber in the resin are also responsible for 5% higher repulsion and 15% better stability.

  • Great Defense

As previously stated, this model is an absolute game-changer for all the defensive players. Regardless of the type of shot, it is known to gracefully defend mighty smashes consisting of a blend of blocks, drives or lifts.

However, the smashes are not as solid as you might expect it to be; this might come off as a disappointing factor to many.

Its reduced reaction time permits you to respond almost instantaneously to any kind of attack that may be coming from your opponent.

This racket offers better maneuverability and stability. It can be easily swayed, which is what makes it so fast.


  • Fastest racket there is
  • Recommended- A holy grail for defenders
  • Excellent Repulsion
  • Highly durable
  • A large sweet spot


  • Smashes are not outstanding
  • Hefty Price

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the product come with a protective cover?

Yes, you are sure to receive one protective cover with the original product.

2. In how many colors is the product available?

The product is available in a single color of lime yellow.

3. What is the manufacture recommended stringing tension?

The manufacturer recommended stringing tension is 20-27lbs. exceeding this level may lead to serious impairments and will invalidate the manufacturer’s limited warranty. If you want more tension, you should give Yonex Arcsaber 11 a try. 

4. Is the product factory strung?

There are two different models available of the Nanoray Z speed badminton racket by Yonex. You can choose a model which is either factory strung or custom strung.

5. Who is this for?

Considering the price of the product, I would not suggest this for newbies in the sport. Bearing in mind of its functionality, it is best suited for advanced level players who would not mind splurging a large sum of money for this racket.

Final Words

All in all, the Yonex Nanoray Z speed is unrivaled when it comes to speed! As a badminton player, you might as well cause your opponent to go through a panic attack as you propel a multitude of smashes at him.

If you are a fan of speed, then this is hands down the finest racket you will find in the market, according to popular opinion. Although a bit pricey, its premium features make it worth the money.

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