Yonex Duora 10 Review

A quality racket can win you games.

You know that obviously. That’s why you are here.

And in this article, we are going to review one of the top rackets in the market; Yonex Duora 10.

You’ll be glad to know that the extraordinary Malaysian singles player, Lee Chong Wei, uses this powerful racket.

The Duora 10 is going to provide you both power and speed. It also offers superb flexibility and gripping control to enhance your performance.

Read on to learn more about the racket.

Yonex Duora 10 Review

There’s nothing new that I can say about Yonex. They are the most popular brand when it comes to making rackets. So, you can trust that they won’t compromise with the quality.

Now, the price might be high, but so will be its performance. Although this might cost you a good amount of bucks, it will definitely improve your game by leaps and bounds.

The makers have developed this new model with a “box” shape on the head and sharper “cutting” edge on the backside. This is great for the backhand side as it yields a more powerful and faster swing.

The aerodynamic design ensures fast responses and can be compared to the Voltric 80.

Now, this one has a stylish look. It is black with a green sticker on one side and orange on the other to separate the two sides of the racket.

There are two versions of the racket. One weighs an average of 88 grams and has 3U classifications. The second one weighs 93 grams and has 2U classifications.

These two do not have many differences. They both share a G4 grip size, which is the general grip size in most of Yonex products.

It’s great that the model is pre-strung. Although the pre-strung condition is great, it is almost inevitable that it will deteriorate and will not remain the same after a while. Depending on the version you buy, it is advised to keep the tension from 16 to 27 pounds.

  • Dual Optimum System

Just like the Yonex Duora 77, this system has improved the shuttle hold by 3%, and the repulsion hold has gone up to 9%. It serves a plus point for both attackers and defenders because it assists your forearm to hit harder along with more speed for the backhand.

  • Nanometric DR technology

Another thing that gives you an advantage in play is this system. It strengthens the bonding strength of the carbon fibers. The weight is very little, however, the performance isn’t compromised. This results in higher speed with more strong shots.

  • Aero + Box Frame Technology

Combined with the Dual optimum system, this technology aids player in attaining stronger swings and hits. This further proves that being lightweight does not hamper its power. Interestingly, another top Yonex racket Nanospeed 9900 uses the same technology to boost its performance.

  • Super Slim Long Shaft

This element reduces the risk of causing a strain on your wrist. Moreover, it minimizes air resistance, helping you to swing easier and quicker.

  • New Grommet Pattern and Solid-Feel Core

The newer and more grommet holes enhance your performance. And you will get more confidence and control when you’re playing due to the reduction of torque from the solid feel core.

  • Isometric Shape

Similar to the Voltric Z Force 2, it has an isometric shape. It enables you to achieve shots that are difficult and increase your chances of hitting off-centered shots.

  • T-Joint and Support Cap

T-joint improves shock absorption and gets rid of shaking/ quivering. Along with the T-joint, the support cap will give you the flexibility to maneuver, have a strong grip and control too.


Shots This Racket Will Help You Improve

Below are the shots that you can play with this racket easily.

Easy Serve: Since this racket is developed to have a thin shaft and minimal weight, serving is easy no matter your swing. Although serving with your forehand is recommended to send the shuttle long.

Fluid Clears: The racket allows fluid clears and also goes very far.

Strong Smashes: Thanks to the forehands along with the tremendous technology it comes with, the player can ensure pinpoint precision no matter how hard the shuttle he hits.

Backhand Drives: Players will relish the drives for the fast reactions and amazing flexibility irrespective of whether you prefer the aggressive or defensive shots.

Net-Kill: Ensure killer performance in the frontcourt with this guy. You will be able to defend yourself easily from the hits of your opponents. The lightweight feature will ensure fast reactions.

Swift Lifts: The racket equips you with control and power to save yourself from the danger zone. This assists in blocking smash and drop shots.


  • The aerodynamic design enables quick response
  • Uses superior technologies to improve performance
  • Ideal for smashes
  • Durable


  • Pre-strung tension often does not meet expectations
  • Fairly expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the ideal users for this Yonex product?

If the budget is of no concern and you do not mind spending a little to be provided with an excellent quality racket, then this one is for you. This guy is ideal for both aggressive and defensive-minded players. It consists of enough power to stay in line with your energy.

2. Can the racket be stringed to 33lbs?

It is definitely advised to keep the string tension up to 27lbs. 33lbs will be too much for it.

3. Which strings should be used for this racket?

You can use the Yonex Nano GY 99 for this racket.


Yonex Duora 10 is a product made with innovative and useful technologies. It has been made to be a performance enhancer with its various key features.

If the price doesn’t put you off, you can give this thing a chance.

If you have any further queries regarding this racket, you can reach me out in the comments section. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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