Top 7 Badminton Brands That You Must Know About

For badminton, the right equipment is needed for people to excel in it. And in order to find the right equipment, you need to know a bit about the brands who produce and sell badminton equipment.

There are many brands out there who make them but there are only a few who are actually good. And we are here to help you out to figure out what is best for you in the market so that you can start with a step in the right direction.

Top 7 Badminton Brands


This is known to be one of the best companies that produce sports equipment, their golfing and badminton ones being the most popular among all the things they produce. The company was founded in 1994 in Japan.

The racquets they produce are readily available in most countries of the world and their popularity is a result of the top-notch performance they have had over the years. Durability is one of their key selling points as they tend to last for a very long time even years.

They are lightweight but still provide the same level of stability to the player, which makes the play much easier.

Not only do they produce racquets, but they also have incredible shuttlecocks and footwear made for badminton. You will see that your performance will be better as you will be more at ease and comfortable in their sports items.


Has been in the market for badminton equipment for a very long time, 1824 to be exact and is located in Rhode Island in the USA. They have been known for production racquet strings, which are of the very best quality. They are able to do so by employing the latest technology.

They also produce racquets. Though they are not the same as a Yonex racquet, but it is able to give the player a very similar experience. The Ashaway Phantom X fire orange badminton racquet is very popular in the badminton community.

It is a head heavy racquet which is perfect for a player who prefers to play a more aggressive or attacking shots.

The RTThe Phantom X speed is one of their top-rated products as it is very useful in competitive matches. This is very slim and lightweight which enables the player to smash with great speed and power.


It’s a France based company founded in 1875. They are a great option if you are in the market for new badminton and tennis equipment.

Even though they primarily produce strings for racquets, but they have a line of sports apparel, racquets, and accessories.

The X-Feel Power is one of their top selling racquets and is great for a competitive match. This gives the player the highest precision with each shot. And it allows the player to maximize the power behind each stroke.

They also produce good quality feather and nylon shuttlecocks at a very affordable price. Their long range of quality products will keep you coming back for more.


The high-end badminton equipment manufacturers operate in 6,133 stores worldwide. They are popular in the badminton community because of their three-dimensional structure frame.

This frame significantly reduces the air resistance which allows the players to have more power in each shot. The shuttle speed also increases by 5%. So, you will overall be able to perform better.

They have a variety of racquets you can choose from, many of them are very expensive but are worth the price as they enhance the player’s performance. They also have a range for students and people on a budget.

Not only do they make A grade racquets, but they also have a variety of shuttlecocks. Ranging from practice shuttles to national and international tournament shuttles. Going from affordable to expensive, so that people of all incomes can get something for themselves.

Sports Direct

This company produces sports and leisure equipment, footwear and accessories. They sell their own products on their website, along with products of other name brands. Even though their top-selling product is of Yonex and Carlton.

The UK based company operates in 670 outlets and is a very popular store for purchasing sports equipment and clothing items. In 2004 they acquired Dunlop with $40 million and expanded their business even further with cheaper badminton accessories and racquets.

Carlton Sport

It is actually owned by Sports Direct and is a producer of good quality and high-end badminton racquets. They were the first company to create a synthetic base. They were also the first to create a racquet which is made completely of metal.

Not only did they make all-metal racquets, but they also employed stainless steel in the production of their equipment. With their advanced research and development team, they also were the ones who came up with the concept of a flex. The flex enabled movement of the shaft and the handle.


One of the biggest sports brands does not only produces clothes, shoes, and equipment for football, basketball, and soccer, it also produces racquets for badminton. Just like most of their other items, these racquets are of great quality and are very durable.

Their Spieler F09.1 SL is one of the best racquets in the market if you are looking for speed. The lightweight and slim frame of the racquets allow the player to have higher speed and more stability during the match for enhanced performance.

They produce shuttlecocks as well. Needless to say, they are of great quality and worth the money.



There are many sports brands out there from whom you can purchase. Not all of them will be able to offer you great quality products specifically made for badminton. That’s why, you should do more research before investing in a particular brand.

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