How Is Badminton Unlike Other Racquet Sports?

Badminton is currently one of the most popular sports globally.

You may be wondering, what has caused this one particular racquet sport to attract so much attention?

Badminton, although it belongs to the racquet sports family, is a unique and distinguished sport on its own.

So, let’s find out how badminton is unlike other racquet sports.


What Is A Racquet Sport?

Racquet sports are so named for the main playing instrument, which is an open hoop supporting a cord net, in turn, supported by a handled frame.

The main racquet sports are tennis, badminton, and table tennis. When played competitively, all racquet sports are usually played indoors. The courts for games are also very similar: rectangular, with a net separating the players on either side.

Racquet sports are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, due to the fact that they are accessible, but also highly challenging and engaging.

Still, each type of racquet sport is unique. Today we’ll compare badminton and other racquet sports.


101 Badminton

Before we get into the differences between badminton and other racquet sports, we should first review the basics of the sport.

As you already know, badminton is played with shuttlecocks and racquets that closely resemble tennis racquets. The game is played on courts 44 feet long and 20 feet wide.

A badminton point starts with a serve. The server hits the shuttlecock to send it to the receiver’s side of the court. The shuttlecock must then be caught on the racket before it can hit the ground of the service court. However, the receiver will still get the point if the birdie lands elsewhere, outside the service court.

A badminton match is won when players win two games of 21 points each. The player is required to win games by a minimum of two points.

The five main events at international badminton tournaments are men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles.


Badminton Vs. Table Tennis

The main difference between badminton and table tennis lies in the playing field. Table tennis courts are comparatively tiny, being 9 feet long and 5 feet wide.

Furthermore, where badminton nets are 5 feet in height, table tennis nets are only 6 inches high. In the case of table tennis, a little ball is used instead of a shuttle.

Another important difference is the racquet. In table tennis “paddles” are stand-ins for the racquets, and are usually made of wood.

Now the rules. Table tennis is won when the player wins 4 games of 11 points each. Whereas badminton players are required to hit the shuttlecock before it can bounce once during play, table tennis players have to hit the ball before it can bounce twice on their side.

In table tennis, it doesn’t matter who wins points— throughout the match; both players switch between serving two points each.


Badminton Vs. Tennis

While both badminton and tennis are seen as highly demanding sports, there is a marked difference between the two.

First, let’s talk about the scoring system. A badminton match is usually played for the best 2 out of 3 games, with each game being played to 21 points. On the other hand, in tennis a match is played in a set of 6 games, with best 3 out of 5 games. The game is ended when a player gets 4 points.

The playing court is also significantly different: a badminton court is half the size of a tennis court, both in terms of width and length.

In badminton, the server gets only one try when serving; in tennis, however, they will get two chances. And in tennis, the ball is okay to bounce once before the point ends; however in badminton, the rally is ended when the shuttlecock makes contact with the floor.

And of course, tennis is played with a ball against the shuttlecock of badminton—they are much, much heavier and are thought to be more difficult to maneuver. For that, though, tennis players get to use racquets that are four times the weight of badminton racquets.


Undoubtedly, all racquet sports are highly rewarding and challenging, and badminton is a good representation of all other racquet sports.

If you like a faster game, badminton is the way to go. However, it also requires higher levels of agility and flexibility.

Think you’re up for it? Go find out!

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