Best Badminton Racket Reviews | Top 10 Pick’s In 2019

Best Badminton RacketsBadminton is becoming one of the most popular games in the world. Similar to tennis and volleyball – it offers tons of fun and hours of physical exercise that you won’t get easily with other games.

But what makes it so interesting is the competitiveness it offers.

If you’re interested in playing this game, you’ll surely want the best badminton racket – especially if you’re looking to become a great player.

Having a well-made and practical racket will take your performance to another level. And for that, you’ll want to be well-equipped with all the possible info about rackets.

Here, we go over some of the best picks as well as every piece of info to make your buying process easy. Care to learn all this and more?

Then keep reading, and you’ll find out what you’re looking for!

Top Picks for Best Badminton Rackets

To learn how to pick a racket that’s worth it – you’ll have to read our badminton rackets review. With the following product reviews, getting the right piece will be a straightforward process:

1. Yonex Voltric Z Force II

For the hardest hits in the arena, and for the most precise directions – the Voltric Z Force II is an excellent addition to any badminton player’s armoury.

The first thing you’ll notice about this high-quality racket is the Tri-Voltage System. It uses a heavy-weight head that delivers magnificent shoots in each hit. And this gets complemented with the superb aerodynamics including the extra-stiff shaft and flexible frame for easy control & precision.

The frame offers that kind of performance thanks to an H.M Graphite, and Sound Filter build, reinforced with Tungsten – also ideal for durability. And that’s without mentioning the H.M Graphite with Nanometric and EX-Hmg extra stiff shaft that lasts a lifetime delivering hard shots.

It looks impressive still, with a black color with silver and blue details that stand out. You could say it works for any kind of player, especially the ones who appreciate a nice-looking racket that doesn’t go over the top.

This racket will also help you achieve long shots without problems. The heavy head and stiff shaft make it a perfect addition to any player who loves to serve.

To make it an even better choice, you can get it with or without NG68 strings at either 24 or 26 pounds according to your needs. And when it comes to performance, few rackets will match the handiness & performance of the Voltric Z Force II.


  • Unique Tri-Voltage system from Voltric series
  • Excellent frame & shaft build for results & durability
  • Works well for servings and long shots
  • Has an attractive look


  • The frame demands careful use
  • The small head may be an issue for some people

2. Yonex Nanoray Z Speed

A thinner frame and a smaller head make the Nanoray Z Speed an excellent option for those who fancy a speedy performance over anything else.

With its thin frame, the racket becomes one of the lightest in the market, which helps to achieve fast swings at any time. This gets translated into better defense and excellent versatility in the game, which the most active players will love.

It gets even more effective with the addition of EX-HMG material in the frame construction, ideal for a flexible and even lighter experience when using.

It has a head with light balance too, so you can make it a compelling piece in the most defensive and fastest plays. The shaft is still stiff, so you can still achieve decent power after every hit without losing any speed.

In terms of design, it is thin and good-looking. It boasts a greenish frame with black and white accents that add modern design to the racket. Those who want something more stylish will appreciate how good this one looks.

And surely, you can get it strung with NG68 strings at 26 pounds, strung with standard strings, or totally unstrung depending on what you prefer.

If you are a defensive player who prefers rackets that focus on speed, then the Nanoray Z Speed can be your best opportunity.


  • Extra lightness with EX-HMG build & thin frame
  • Focuses on speed for defensive or fast matches
  • Delivers sharp swings and shoots
  • Boasts a modern look


  • The thin frame can be more fragile than expected
  • Tiny head size won’t be useful for smash & hard hits

3. RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7 Racket

The FiberFlash 7 is a series of rackets from RiteTrak Sports that delivers an inexpensive and still reliable option for starting players. In short, you could say this is the best badminton racket for beginners.

Each racket in this set of two comes with sturdy construction. The construction is based on carbon fiber and a T connection in the middle between the shaft and the head for the most durable experience.

The rackets are not the largest or the strongest, but deliver decent performance for any kind of player. Whether you are a defensive player, an aggressive player, or an all-rounder – this set will come like a gem for you.

It is a pair of rackets that focus on decent performance without going over the top with the weight or tightening of the strings.

They come with premium builds that stand years of use, but also provide an entry-level design. This means that each racket focuses on being a general-use option and not a specific type of racket for a particular kind of player.

Both rackets in this set are entirely affordable and come with a carry bag and birdies. You can enjoy the handiest experience with this set without having to spend a fortune.

Whether you’re starting or just want to get something cheap for your casual games – then this set won’t let you down.


  • Incredible design & build
  • Robust & reliable despite its overall affordability
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Extra convenient birdies and carrying bags for the rackets


  • Not useful for specific focus performances

4. Yonex Voltric 5 Badminton Racket

The Voltric series is among the most reliable and performance-oriented rackets you’ll find out there. And the Voltric 5 is the lowest-budget alternative for those who want a decent model from this series.

It is not the strongest or fastest racket for a smash – but it is among the most balanced options out there.

The shots with this racket are powerful. It doesn’t let speed behind. And still, it manages to deliver excellent balance so you can achieve great versatility while playing.

The construction is very light too, with a thin frame that’s very sturdy. It won’t tire the wrist like more aggressive alternatives, and it will certainly work really well to respond to hard shots without any vibration.

Despite all that, the racket is still pretty and exciting to have. You can get in three different designs, a Black/Blue tone with a simple graphic, a Black/Green alternative that stands out as the more colorful, and the complex Black/Blue/Silver that makes demanding users happy.

As a balanced racket, it works amazingly well for defensive players and those who need reliable performance over aggressiveness or flexibility. It won’t perform poorly with other kinds of players, though.

The best of all, it is the most affordable option from Voltric. And only for that, this is a model you don’t want to overlook.


  • Balanced build & design for decent performance
  • Exciting color choices for a fascinating look
  • Very affordable as a Voltric series racket
  • Offers powerful shots


  • The lightness of the head can be an issue for aggressive players
  • The shots won’t be the most precise in the field

5. Senston N80 Badminton Racket

If what you want is simplicity, then look no further than the Senston N80 set. It comes with two rackets and two carrying covers so you can bring them anywhere safely.

Both rackets are amazingly well-made, made of carbon fiber material in the frame and shaft, so it lasts a lifetime of superb games. You won’t have to worry about challenging games; it will stand out for the strength and capacity to resist harsh performances and usual deformation.

You can achieve both strong and controlled shots at any time. This is due to the decent string tension from 24 to 26 pounds depending on your needs.

The handle comes with a totally non-slip surface, so you never lose grip when using. And with the T-Joint that keeps the shaft and frame together, you can expect minimum vibration when using. On top of that, it delivers decent accuracy even for the hardest shots.

This one is not a racket for the aggressive player, but for the defensive one. The control and resilience it offers make it perfect for users who stand on the line and make the occasional risky play. And that comes with an exciting design that makes it look good despite its affordable cost.


  • Balance construction for strength & accuracy
  • Reliable & well-made for extra durability
  • Convenient 2-set of rackets with carrying covers


  • The handle may lose some grip over time
  • Will not resist stronger tensions than 26 pounds

6. Dynamic Shuttle Sports Titan G-Force 7 Badminton Racket

The design of the Titan G-Force 7 focuses on balance and overall versatility among everything else. Taking that into account, we can easily say this is the finest badminton racket for intermediate player.

The piece uses Toray carbon fiber frame directly from Japan, one of the strongest yet lightest options that support up to 30 pounds of string tension without breaking. This helps to produce the hardest hits and swings, so even the weakest player can respond with strength to experienced ones.

It is not the lightest alternative out there, but enough to be considered an excellent choice for all kinds of users. The weight complements a medium shaft flex, so control and hard hits are easy to achieve, aiding to achieve ideal smash power and defense speed.

This racket looks really good nonetheless, boasting a red, purple, green, blue or gold base with black accents that any user will love. You can pick your preferred color so you can make it work with your uniform or clothing if needed.

Putting it all together, you can say this is a racket for players who like playing with a balanced piece. It’s not the best for either offense or defense but works decently for both. On top of that, it is totally affordable, despite its quality build and design. in fact, tthis one is considered as the best budget badminton racket by many.


  • Ideal for intermediate and beginner players
  • Superb construction for strength with lightness
  • Produces powerful swings and smash
  • Has a reasonable price tag


  • Unreliable shaft connection to the handle
  • Not ideal for aggressive players

7. Yonex Nanoray 20 Badminton Racket

Decently affordable and magnificently made, the Yonex Nanoray 20 offers everything you could need from a badminton racket.

It is a medium-weight option for people who like to make strong responses. You could use it either as an aggressive alternative or as a more defensive piece. Achieving fast reactions is easy, which makes it perfect for defensive players. But it also works to play close to the net which many users will love.

The string tension is ideal for most players. It works for beginners and intermediates – but it doesn’t work too well for the player who expects the most potent shots or a flawless performance.

For smash and clears, it is not a bad choice. You will get a balanced racket that provides precisely what you would expect from a balanced piece.

When it comes to looks, it doesn’t stand out that much. The design is simple, with multiple color options to pick from. You won’t be the most stylish player in the court, but it won’t feel ugly to have either.

Overall, this is a racket that will fit like a ring into a finger on any player who appreciates balance. It is not the most aggressive or the most defensive option but will work on both types of performances if you need to.


  • Decent weight & frame design for versatile playing
  • Excellent string tension capacity for strong shots
  • Superb quality for an outstanding cost


  • Not recommended for advanced players
  • String tightness may lose some strength over time

8. Yonex ArcSaber 11 Badminton Racket

If you’re looking for the perfect badminton racket for smash and control, then the Yonex ArcSaber 11 will come like a perfect option for you. Control-seekers always appreciate a racket that minimizes vibrations to the minimum – and that’s precisely what the ArcSaber 11 does.

It is made with Neo CS Carbon Nanotube technology using a Sonic Metal alloy with titanium, making it one of the most potent and most repulsive rackets in the whole market. This will make it impossible for even the hardest shot to affect your grip and arm.

Another factor this racket stands out for is the stiffness of the shaft too, so you can expect a magnificent vibration-free experience with fastest returns when playing. And that comes with an even balance design that feels heavier than expected.

The head shape is isometric, with stiff flex and the same titanium alloy that makes it perfect for achieving superb bite to every shot. With each hit to the shuttlecock, this racket will promote a fantastic performance.

As an aggressive player who likes to play as offensive as one can be, this racket will undoubtedly become the best option in the whole list. The smash and control you’ll have will have no competitors out there.


  • Superb titanium alloy construction for durability
  • Extra stiffness and repulsion for powerful shots
  • Almost perfect for aggressive players
  • No vibration


  • The isometric head can be a little uncomfortable for some users
  • Very expensive

9. Yonex Arcsaber 10 

When it comes to high-end rackets, few options match the capacity of the ArcSaber 10 to surpass expectations. It is so fantastic in many aspects that we can easily say it is the best Yonex badminton racket.

It stands out for the balance you get, an isometric head, and the perfect frame construction that makes it durable and stiff. Using CS Carbon Nanotube, it is capable of withstanding even the hardest of performance thanks to superior elasticity and an excellent weight for extra control.

The isometric frame comes with a unique grommet pattern that makes the string very tight and effective for most shots. Whether it is smash hits, controlled returns, or the most precise serves – this racket will provide more than you expect.

It comes with an exceptional rubber handle for extra grip and durability. And indeed, the design stands out for its beauty with a mix of red, white, yellow and black that stands out even against the most colorful opponent’s gear.

If you are either a balanced player that likes both defensive and aggressive plays, then this one will not let you down. The racket focuses on a balanced performance overall, but with its flexible and robust capacity, experienced users will get the most out of it.


  • Excellent construction for a reliable experience
  • High-quality isometric head with unique grommet design
  • Perfect grip handle and stiff shaft for accurate shots
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • More expensive than its competitors
  • Not the most ideal for strong hits

10. Yonex Carbonex Series EX-6000

The Carbonex Series from Yonex is a series of medium-range rackets that focuses on both the beginner and the experienced player. And this racket probably has everything you need for an excellent game experience.

The first thing you’ll find out about this model is the tight string that never leaves any shot to lose power. Also, this tightness helps to make the strongest shots and defensive plays without having to make much of an effort.

The racket is pretty sturdy too, using Elastic Ti frame property that helps to produce a much more solid shot in each try. This gets better with the round head that gives an ideal feeling for users who like to move fast.

With its stiff shaft, you can expect superb grip, especially with its anti-slip tape that stands years of handling. Even in the most difficult of plays, this racket will stay inside your grip at all times.

It is a reasonably affordable choice still, compared to other Yonex models. And surely, it looks enticing for most users – especially for its white and black graphic that doesn’t go too far.


  • Perfect for steady shots & returns
  • Top-notch shaft design for outstanding grip
  • Light but sturdy & durable frame construction
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Tends to produce a lot of vibration with each shot
  • The circular head can be a little challenging to use at first

Buying guide – How to Pick a Top-Notch Badminton Racket

Now that you went over some of the top badminton rackets and learned a few things about each, it is time to learn how to pick the ideal one. The following factors will help you choose an almost perfect piece:

Balance Point

The balance point of a racket differs enormously in all models. Some tend to focus on a head balance, so the hits are potent and effective. But this produces lots of vibration that can be tiring to the hand over time.

Then you’ll find even balance, which makes a racket perfect for both strong shots and fast responses. The weight balance will make sure that you don’t feel any vibrations after hitting the shuttlecock.

And finally, you’ll find the handle balance racket. This one focuses the weight on the handle, which allows a lighter head that moves really fast. Most defensive players who prefer having better reaction time over strong shots always go for this option.


Second, it comes to the weight of the racket. It is not as important as other factors, but it still makes a difference when it comes to power and precision.

You’ll find 2U rackets that go from 90 to 94 grams. But you can also find 3U that go from 85 to 89. The 4U rackets are between 80 and 84 grams, and the lightest 5U rackets are from 75 to 79 grams.

If you pick a massive 2U racket, it will probably deliver a strong performance so you can make powerful shots. However, a 2U racket doesn’t have much control to offer, so you’ll lose some shot accuracy with one.

If you get a 4U racket, you’ll have much better control and much more flexibility, ideal for defensive players who need to get the shuttlecock out of the most challenging areas. But this type also delivers less power, which means less aggressiveness.


After picking the ideal weight, you’ll need to go for an excellent shape of the head frame. This is where the string goes, so the shape has a significant impact on how much hitting space you’ll have.

The two shapes you’ll find are isometric and oval. Each one offers its own set of positives and drawbacks. Here we explain these two shapes:

  • Oval Shape

This is the standard model for badminton rackets. It focuses on providing excellent strength and more precise shots.

However, landing the racket on the shuttlecock effectively with this shape can be a pretty tricky job. So it is mostly useful for experienced players who know precisely how to get the most out of it.

  • Isometric Shape

If there’s a shuttle bat you could say is the best, then it probably has an isometric shape.

This happens for one reason only: isometric is far easier to use and still delivers a strong & precise shot in every hit.

As long as the shuttlecock hits the net, the shot will probably be decent enough most of the time. In fact, this is the best option for beginners who are learning to play and place the racket in the right place when returning or hitting.

But of course, isometric doesn’t usually offer as much strength as oval models. So that would be the main difference between both. Overall, however, isometric is always the shape to-go.

Shaft Type

After getting the right shape for the head, you’ll need to go for the right shaft. Similarly to other factors, here you’ll also find two types to consider, the stiff and the flexible.

Want to know more about each? Then come and read about them:

  • Stiff Shaft

A stiff shaft produces strength and decent accuracy. It helps to move the racket really fast to different places, so defensive players who rely on speed and fast reactions will love it.

The swings are really fast with this one, as it handles the head of the piece more easily to prevent any weight issue when handling.

It doesn’t produce as much power as a flexible shaft, though. Despite its stiffness, it focuses mostly on accuracy than it focuses on strength. But at the same time, it reduces reaction time so users who like to play defensively can get the most out of it.

Players who love to return and move fast will appreciate a stiff shaft. It is also a superb choice for beginners.

  • Flexible Shaft

The focus of a flexible shaft is to produce more torque or swing strength without losing precision in the process. It has decent repulsion that provides amazing clears, and it also helps to make long and potent shots without using much strength.

The only setback is that flexible shafts move slowly and don’t produce as much power from returns or defensive plays. If you rely on movement speed and return effectiveness, this may not work for you.

But the flexible shaft also helps to reduce exhaustion as it reduces vibrations exponentially. Your wrist and hand will not feel completely tired over time, which allows you to play all game aggressively if needed.

It works well for both intermediate and experienced players. However, it demands a little more practice and won’t work too well when it comes to being defensive.

String Tension

Apart from the weight, shape, balance, and shaft type, you’ll find the string tension to have a considerable impact on your playing experience. Again, here you’ll find two kinds to choose from, low and high tension. We’ll describe them next:

  • Low Tension

Low tension is everything that’s below 23 pounds of tension. You’ll find strings to go as down as 17 pounds in some cases. This means less placement accuracy and less control of the shuttlecock.

But the bounce and repulsion will be incredible, making low-tension rackets an excellent choice for defensive players who just want to get the shuttlecock back to the opponent’s court.

On top of that, low tension makes sure the racket lasts more, as it produces much less strain into the frame. The strings also last more when they have less tension, making them much more resilient over time.

As it produces more power than precision, it is an excellent choice for beginners. But aggressive players who rely on aggressiveness will also get a lot from one of these.

  • High Tension

This is the tension that goes from 24 pounds up to 30 pounds. It is not common to find rackets with more than 26 pounds, but it is possible, especially among advanced players.

The high tension provides much more feeling with each shot, helping to achieve superior precision and placement on the court. But of course, with this firmness comes less power as it doesn’t bounce as much as with less tense strings.

The only problem is that the strings tend to break more quickly with more tension. This also strains the frame exponentially, which may cause sudden breakage if the racket is not durable enough.

This makes high tension perfect for advanced players who know where to place the racket and how to hit effectively. Intermediates who want to practice their precision can also learn a lot with his tension.

Top 5 Badminton Racket Brands

After reading our reviews, you may want some information about the brands you’ll find out there. Here we talk about the 5 most common brands and what each one offers:

  • Yonex

When it comes to popularity, no other brand provides what Yonex does. You’ll find rackets from this brand practically on any shop and online retailer.

In fact, the best Yonex badminton racket is probably among the best products worldwide. Few brands match the stability, strength, speed, frame construction, and overall durability of a Yonex racket.

This brand even sponsors several of the larger teams and competitions in the world, making it a go-to option for anyone who wants prestige over anything else.

The best of all is that Yonex rackets are straightforward to restring and maintain. If you have a problem with a Yonex’s racket, you’ll find experts anywhere you go – which makes it a highly convenient brand to consider.

  • Wilson

Everyone knows Wilson for being an all-rounder brand on almost any sport. It is originally from America, but it slowly made its way around the world – reaching places where badminton is a hugely popular game such as England and India.

So, they started making badminton rackets of the highest quality. This places Wilson among the most sought-after brands in the niche.

They focus on durability and lightness over anything else. Most professionals always use Wilson rackets for their training sessions due to how easy they are on the wrist and hand.

But still, Wilson makes all kinds of rackets for all sorts of players. If you want a nice catalog filled with superb options, then this brand is a go-to alternative.

  • Dynamic Shuttle Sports

This brand focuses entirely on badminton. It makes pretty affordable rackets that are still amazingly durable and performance-oriented.

The founders were badminton players and enthusiasts who knew exactly what every player was looking for – so they focused on that.

Now, they produce inexpensive rackets that even the most experienced user can get the most from.

For enthusiasts on a low-budget or beginners who want to try the game for the first time, a Dynamic Shuttle Sport racket can be a perfect opportunity.

  • RiteTrak Sports

RiteTrak is a US-based brand from Arizona that was born in 2016 and has produced some pretty decent rackets since then.

It is not the most popular option, but with the increasingly positive feedback it gets over time, it is becoming one of the go-to options for most users in the US.

From this, you can guess it makes some of the most affordable products out there. And despite that, all rackets and other gear for badminton that this brand produces are well-made and reliable.

For anyone on a low budget or who just wants to support emerging brands in the industry, a RiteTrak Sports racket can come pretty handy.

  • Carlton

Lastly, we need to mention one of the oldest badminton brands in the whole industry – Carlton.

This brand started creating rackets and shuttlecocks back in 1946, and since then, it has won colossal popularity and prestige from its users.

But the company is not only old but also one of the most technologically-oriented. They create the Carlton Badminton System, a patented technology that helps to improve overall performance and game experience from users.

If you get a Carlton racket, you’ll probably get a racket that never stops feeling amazing to play with. Durability and unique designs are also part of what makes Carlton a magnificent brand to go for.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Even though you may be familiar with the most critical information about badminton rackets, there’s still a lot to learn. Here are a few common questions that may relieve some of your doubts:

1. Which badminton racket is best for doubles?

The ideal racket for double would be one with a stiff shaft, flexible head, and a small head that helps to play both defensive and offensively at the same time. The Yonex Voltric Z Force II is a perfect example of an excellent racket for doubles games.

2. How do I know if my racket is durable?

It all comes down to the material and frame type. Stiff frames tend to have a short lifespan, especially the ones with simple carbon builds. But flexible-frame rackets with patented materials like titanium alloy or CS Carbon Nanotube tend to have a longer lifespan.

3. Is the string type necessary for badminton rackets?

Yes, we recommend BG65 and Nanogy 99 strings for the best performance. Other good alternatives are BG65Ti and Zymax 65.

4. When to restring badminton racket?

You should restring a racket once any of the strings break, grommets wear off, or you just need a different tension depending on your performance needs.

5. Should I restring the badminton racket myself?

We recommend to do so only if you know how. Otherwise, you should ask an expert first. If you do it alone, watch as many Youtube videos and online guides as possible.


Getting the best Badminton racket isn’t an easy job – but with our guide and advice, it shouldn’t be much trouble.

If you follow every recommendation and information in this article, you’ll probably find the perfect racket for your needs. Don’t hesitate and start picking yours now!

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