Top 10 Badminton Trick Shots (Easy but Highly Effective)

A trick shot can easily make you win a rally.

It gives you a huge advantage over your opponent. So, it’s a no-brainer to learn a few badminton trick shots.

And that’s what this post is about. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 trick shots that you can use to win the game.

Let’s get started.

Best 10 Badminton Trick Shots

In this section, you’ll know about the most effective tricks shots in badminton.

1. Fake Smash or Fake Clear

If you want to send the shuttlecock downward, smash is the most powerful overhand stroke.

But as the name suggests “fake” smash, here, the stroke must look like a straight smash/clear. But you have to miss the shuttle at first.

Afterward, pull out the backhand grip. And push the shuttlecock cross. Quickly swipe the racket to the other side and hit immediately, before it falls.

As a result, your opponent will think that it will come in one direction, while, in reality, it will fall on the exact opposite side!

2. Behind the Back Cross Court Net Drop

Before understanding this technique, you need to know what is “Cross Court” and what is meant by “Drop” in badminton.

The terminology “Cross Court” is used when you hit the birdie (i.e., the shuttlecock) diagonally over the net. And “Drop” refers to a low shot close to the net. It actually falls immediately after crossing the net.

So, in this trick, again first miss the shuttle simply by swinging the racket next to the birdie. Bend your hand. Have a loose grip while holding the racket. With that posture, you should try to perform a triangle with your shoulder, hand, and racket head.

It may sound difficult. Well, it really is! It’s highly important that you do this accurately. You have to have enough practice to make it right.

But once you know the trick, it’s really easy!

3. Fake-Backhand Clear

Top badminton professionals use this shot a lot.

“Backhand” refers to any stroke that is made on the side of the body opposite the racket side. And “Clear” means a high shot or lob that falls close to the backline.

Here you will pretend to show backhand clear but secretly you are preparing to miss the birdie. And then hit the shuttle just before it touches the ground. That’s how you fake the backhand clear.

While hitting the shuttle, bend your wrist to make the shuttle go crosscourt.

4. Deceptive Net Drop

As the word “deceptive” suggests, you have to mislead your opponent. Reach the birdie as high as possible. It must look like an offensive lift.

Miss the shuttle, where your opponent is expecting you to hit it. Move the racket under the shuttlecock in a circle and hit smoothly.

5. Net Surprise

This shot works great in badminton singles.

Like all other tricks, in net surprise, you have to provide your opponent a vibe of a certain pattern and do the exact opposite.

Show your opponent you are going to reach the birdie high. Explosively push yourself forward. Now your opponent would suspect an offensive lift or a push.

But this is when you make it all tricky. Let the shuttle go past the racket. It’s a must, remember that. Rapidly move your racket under the shuttle and perform a straight net drop.

For this technique, you must practice your ability to sense the shuttlecock around you, even if it’s out of your sight. Sensing really helps you perform a trick perfectly.

6. Racket Flip- Cross Court Net Drop

While playing this trick, you have to drag the racket to the nearest sideline. Then miss the birdie. It will make it look like the straight net drop.

Flip the racket between your pointing finger and thumb. Then let the shuttle go crosscourt.

The starting point of this method follows a triangle between your elbow, wrist, and racket head.

7. Cross Court- Through the Legs

For this trick, you have to literally look up and follow your shuttlecock. When the shuttle is about to fall, open your legs wide.
Swing the racket from high to low. Try to stay close to the shuttle.

Hit the birdie when at knee height through your leg gap. This stroke must look like a neat drop before you actually hit.

8. Deceptive Smash Return

While performing this stroke, a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, the arm movement. It has to be very straight. And a relaxing grip is a must. Because it provides better control overshot.

Secondly, you have to be watchful of the impact with the shuttle. The stroke must look like a smash. Perform the backhand lift. And recover quickly by rotating the forearm toward your body.

Continue rotating your forearm. Then smoothly perform the deceptive. Your opponent will be in for a shock due to that unexpected shuttle direction!

9. Reversed Slice- Backhand

In reversed slice backhand stroke, your elbow should be pointed at the ceiling and away from your body.

And the back of your hand towards your face. You must slice the shuttle on the inner side. Secure this with your forearm, by rotating all the way through.

Here you don’t stop rotation in the midway like a backhand drop. It’s supposed to look like cross-court drop. But instead, you slice the birdie and trick your opponent by making it straight.

10. 360 Degrees Forehead Lift

It’s actually quite a fun stroke comparing to the others. Here, posture is very important as you move your upper body more swiftly than the lower part.

Your left foot should be at the back and right foot at the front. While spinning, put your right foot to the side and point it backward.

You have to start the racket movement with your back turned towards the net. But the difficult part is to time the racket movement with the shuttle.

If you have long hair, it’s better to tie it properly. Otherwise, it will come over your face and mess with your sight.

You will understand all the described methods even better if you try watching tutorials.


I hope these tips will help you to tip the balance in your favor.

Remember, your game is as good as your practice skill with tricks.

Keep practicing and push your limit every day.

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