Everything There is to Know About Badminton Doubles

I have always preferred badminton doubles to the singles.

When you are playing with a partner, the work-rate gets reduced, and it’s more fun to beat two opponents at the same time.

For the uninitiated, a doubles match is played with two people on each side, whereas in a singles match there is only one player on either side of the net.

Now, this inclusion of another player does change the dynamics of the game. The court is sectioned differently, the rules of the game are different as well.

Badminton Doubles Service Rules

In a doubles game where there are two players each on the left and right court, the service has to be done differently. The rule for who serves first is a bit different than that of the singles. There will be a toss, and whoever wins it gets to serve first.

Rule 1: The service starts from the right court, so the player in the right court has to serve diagonally. Also, the birdie must not land inside of the third court either. Meaning that the shuttle must remain within the borders or the lines right before the third court.

If it does, however, land in the third court or out of it, then it will be counted as a faulty serve.

Rule 2: According to the rules, if you and your partner serve and then win the rally, you must change places with one another. And whether you should serve from the left or the right side of the court depends on your score. If it is even, you must serve from the right side, but if its an odd number, then it must be done from the left.

Rule 3: And if you happen to win the rally served by the opposition team, then there is no need for you and your partner to switch places. One thing to keep in mind is that only the receiver can hit the shuttle.

Rule 4: When you are serving the shuttle, you are going to have to be stationary until the shuttle is served, the same goes for the receiver.

Rule 5: You are also going to have to make sure that you are within the lines of the court at all times. You cannot leave the boundaries of the court to do the service. You should also keep the shuttle to the center of the body while you serve.

Rule 6: After the match begins, you should not take more than 5 seconds to make your service because otherwise, the referee of the match might rule this as a fault, and you will miss your opportunity to serve.

Formation You Should Employ During the Game

For doubles match, the lines of the court will be different than the singles. The court is supposed to be wider than the singles, but it also should be shorter. So, your court ends at the very last line of the side, which is perpendicular to the net end. But the second last lines, which are parallel to the net, of each end is the limit.

If you are playing with an attacking formation, you and your teammate have to decide who will be the setter and who will be the defensive player. A setter is the one who stands at the front, they are the closest to the net and are therefore able to force the opponents to play the way they want to.

The defensive player, however, is the one who stands behind the setter and closes at the end of the court. His job is to hit the long shots or fire back smashes from the end.

However, if a defensive formation is something you want to play by, then the positions are a bit different. This is when you and your teammate stand beside one another and hit the shuttle from your respective sides.

This is not the best formation to choose if you want to win rallies. As with this, players are more likely to make a high lift or a high clear, making it very easy for the opponents to play powerful shots which will be difficult to hit back.

Badminton Doubles Strategy

In order for you and your team to win, there should be some level of understanding present between you and your teammate. If you are playing an attacking formation and both of you want to be the setter, then there is no way for you to win the game.

Before the game starts, the two of you need to communicate with each other about what you plan to do during the match. If you both put in your ideas, you can make a good enough plan to make it a win. If you do your own thing and he does his own, then there will be no sync. That is how accidents happen.

Even when you are in the middle of the match, tell each other what you plan to do. Some shots might be difficult for you to get; that’s when you tell your partner to help you out with it.

Also, sometimes in the middle of the game when they are playing, but it is difficult for them to measure if the shuttle would land outside, let them know.

During the play, it will be easier for you to win points if you can play powerful smashes which are difficult to hit back.

When you smash the shuttle, it will go down to your opponent’s side very quickly. Giving you a win. All the great players of the current era are able to play the smash shot perfectly. You should watch them play and learn from them.

You could also opt for a net kill, where you basically hit the shuttle from the net area so that it lands in the very front of your opponent’s court. These shots are very difficult to hit back.


These are all the things you need to know if you want to play a badminton doubles match.

The rules and the plays are very different from the singles games. But if you are playing casually for fun, then this is better than singles as more of you can play together.

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